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Addison Rae

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Karan Badlani
Karan Badlani 30 phút trước
That man behind During sit-ups was like “ what the fu*k.... No one f**king cares dude...”
Juhani Karvinen
Juhani Karvinen 30 phút trước
Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. You need to confess and repent all your sins and accept Him in your life. God has sent his dear son to die and suffer for you. Accept His love for you and you will be saved. And I also wanted to say that it is an amazing thing to be a christian! :) God loves and protects and gives peace and everything good! You just have to trust Him and believe. If you have Bible please read gospels or something. Bible is the Word of God. Jesus Christ is returning. This time is already very evil and judgment is at the door. We don't know when He return but you have to accept Him in your life to be saved! It is for you! You have to have 100% faith in Jesus and really seek Him. He will answer to you. Because He lives and He is amazing. He taught the mankind and did many miracles... Also he never sinned or did anything wrong. He loved God and did what His heavenly father wanted.. and He was tortured and crucified.. Even if God hates all sin, he sent his son... Because he loves the world and doesn't want anyone to die in their sins and be eternally separated from God... Please believe the gospel, it will save your soul.
Philosophical rowlet
Philosophical rowlet 31 phút trước
This video is proof that content is dying
Iso AZIAN 31 phút trước
Why tf is this trending
Barry Jerry
Barry Jerry 32 phút trước
Who gives a shit get off the trending page please....
Drko Gaming
Drko Gaming 32 phút trước
More views than Jake Paul’s new song
Yusairah Ali
Yusairah Ali 33 phút trước
Why they dating till December 3rd
jalia ferguson
jalia ferguson 34 phút trước
There so cute i can't😊😊
karla hernandez
karla hernandez 34 phút trước
i would really appreciate if you guys watch my videos 🥺
luli vocerr
luli vocerr 37 phút trước
Is charli your BFF
Cooper Gurian
Cooper Gurian 40 phút trước
The truth is I don’t give a fuck
Jesús Gittens
Jesús Gittens 41 phút trước
Imagine making millions of dollars by just sharing your personal life on social media.
Julia Red
Julia Red 42 phút trước
The fact that their just having a conversation and got 1# trending...
A 31 phút trước
@OP CRIMINAL No, its trending. I'm looking at the trending page rn
OP CRIMINAL 37 phút trước
It's not 1 on trending. They put the tag themselves..
madisen rose
madisen rose 42 phút trước
i apologize but the fact that this is #1 trending, when everyone pretty much knew they were dating already is just crazy to me.....🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Julia Red
Julia Red 42 phút trước
Me: caring about my hair to get attractive for women Him:
Ahmed Rasmi
Ahmed Rasmi 30 phút trước
I finally got $ 1,000 in gifts without deception. It's true that I've never seen anything like it in my life
Gavin Barnes
Gavin Barnes 44 phút trước
Hes a dick
Lost Cosmonaut
Lost Cosmonaut 44 phút trước
Im going to dislike this video for no reason at all.
emma belden-reimers
emma belden-reimers 45 phút trước
my cousins b-day is on dec 3
Freedom Sun26
Freedom Sun26 47 phút trước
The sweetest video🥺❤️ I wish the best for u and u look amazing ❤️
DKEXTREEM 47 phút trước
We just burn & smash expensive staf and gife a lot staf away! and subscribe to our VIshow channel! give away 500 eur with 5k subscribers Follow-up to instagram 🤑🤑
Ryland naghibzadeh 123
Ryland naghibzadeh 123 48 phút trước
Babe ❤️🥰 do not listen to them only listen to me
Rama Salameh
Rama Salameh 50 phút trước
I want to know what was the letter
Ryland naghibzadeh 123
Ryland naghibzadeh 123 50 phút trước
You sexy
emellyy 51 phút trước
I hate Bryces hair in his face like ugh it looks like he’s hiding his face
Christin Darnell
Christin Darnell 52 phút trước
Noice guys
Tyler Cuoco
Tyler Cuoco 53 phút trước
That’s. Tomorrow
Kitty Kawaii
Kitty Kawaii 53 phút trước
Wow he’s not your average good looking guy , bad skin/ oily hair but is dating her . She must not care about looks which is nice .
Plasma Panda
Plasma Panda 55 phút trước
Go away
Melissa DeCrescenzo
Melissa DeCrescenzo 56 phút trước
..... its Dec 2nd
G SLAÇI 58 phút trước
Muffin Cupcake
Muffin Cupcake 59 phút trước
did you guys realise how her voice changes
mustafa Kökmen
mustafa Kökmen 59 phút trước
No brys jammo tiktok
Danielle Belgrave
Danielle Belgrave 59 phút trước
Am I the only one highly confused but also very much entertained? 😂😂😂
Aniston Coleman
Aniston Coleman 59 phút trước
Hey I am a labra
Tatum Quinn 29
Tatum Quinn 29 Giờ trước
So cute!🥰. You guy are the sweetest couple ever!💋 Congratulations🥰😋
Animals Lover
Animals Lover Giờ trước
Sad that there are millions people who care about other people's life than themselves
Hashtag Josef
Hashtag Josef Giờ trước
Jamootv 🥶🥶🥶
Scar King
Scar King Giờ trước
I already saw yous kiss on this tik tok
Sneha Sharma
Sneha Sharma Giờ trước
I m crying 😭 I m so happy for both of you🥵❤️
Tae Johnson
Tae Johnson Giờ trước
That’s tomorrow pls don’t break up
angel Giờ trước
Mafster Quast
Mafster Quast Giờ trước
They're gonna break up next year
keepyafaithxo Giờ trước
I'm sorry but I still think this whole relationship isa whole publicity stunt. Didn't Addison not like Bryce a few weeks ago? So confused on this rekindled relationship.
Ava de Vries
Ava de Vries Giờ trước
I wish I could see you Addison raise you’re my biggest fan on tick-tock
Eddie Moutran
Eddie Moutran Giờ trước
Love you
Leila Cerco
Leila Cerco Giờ trước
سيف علي
سيف علي Giờ trước
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Syaiy Music
Syaiy Music Giờ trước Support my channel music.
سيف علي
سيف علي Giờ trước
اسرعوا اربحوا هاتف آيفون 12 برو ماكسالجديد مجانا ⚡️ ، انا ربحته وصلني حتى باب المنزل ، 🔥ارحه انت ايضا مجانا فقط اكتب في موقع جوجل ROB7AK و ادخل للموقع الآول فهو ✅موتوق من جوجل.
Cliwax x
Cliwax x Giờ trước
This is irrelevant but...I'm fat lol
Uncle Tommy
Uncle Tommy Giờ trước
That has to be the worst couple I have ever seen.... We’ll see you in a week with a break up video
Top Highlights
Top Highlights Giờ trước
Thanks at least I don’t have to say it
*Who is interested in the theme of relaxation)* *Appreciate my channel)*
Noun Mesa
Noun Mesa Giờ trước
so love your video
Izzy Peters
Izzy Peters Giờ trước
ok u guys r cute togher but were all not suprised
Salama Folad
Salama Folad Giờ trước
Sarah Maude
Sarah Maude Giờ trước
liza xo
liza xo Giờ trước
we been knew 🐸☕️
Sangpuii Chhakchhuak
Sangpuii Chhakchhuak Giờ trước
you talk too fast
beryl reynolds
beryl reynolds Giờ trước
If this comment gets over 1 k I’ll do something
Louie BadOuie
Louie BadOuie Giờ trước
I love you addison
Lovro Pablo
Lovro Pablo Giờ trước
4:56 wtf is this... (cringe)
رضا الملكي
رضا الملكي Giờ trước
ArianaCentrals Giờ trước
Girl we don’t care
Linda Miley
Linda Miley Giờ trước
Dj Brown
Dj Brown Giờ trước
Big big fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Victoria Sablan
Victoria Sablan Giờ trước
Bruh I was looking for Meghan is missing videos and I think I scrolled to long because it said this video is related🤭👀
Technical Faisal Iqbal
Technical Faisal Iqbal Giờ trước
Thumbnail lol
Julia Mansour
Julia Mansour Giờ trước
OMG stop I Can’t there sooooo cuteeee
The Stan clan
The Stan clan Giờ trước
Trash nooby nooby nooby nooby nooby nooby
frostxr Giờ trước
funny how his earring, earrings look like the punching bag. but seriously what is up with the weird dangling earring stage?
Saga of a Crew
Saga of a Crew Giờ trước
Have you seen the Hollywood style epic Roman chariot race parody short film with live insect actors? I send this gift of laughter to be seen the world over - Thank you.
Joselito El cano
Joselito El cano Giờ trước
love you
uswa javed
uswa javed Giờ trước
omg cute
LunaMokdad Mokdad
LunaMokdad Mokdad Giờ trước
hi Addison my name is Luna i live in lebanon i watch you for 6 years i love you i really want to meet you soo badly please reply
Joselito El cano
Joselito El cano Giờ trước
brise tui
Mohammed Arwal
Mohammed Arwal Giờ trước
ححكطج ةتاغعهه
Liv & Tor’s Sister Channel
Liv & Tor’s Sister Channel Giờ trước
everyonnne lets act suprised
sheree stanley
sheree stanley Giờ trước
Yea he got some smelly balls
Nana NL
Nana NL Giờ trước
hinda Xo
hinda Xo Giờ trước
i don’t like addison but LORDD she can do so much better 😭😭😭
robert james
robert james Giờ trước
ThaKidd Underrated Gaming
ThaKidd Underrated Gaming Giờ trước
Watch my videos and subscribe.
CLIFF_ _170
CLIFF_ _170 Giờ trước
on god i search up “wild n out” and this pops up on my search😐
Aseel Elyas
Aseel Elyas Giờ trước
Awwww yall are cute
Do You LOL Me ?
Do You LOL Me ? Giờ trước
Dunno who the hell is that Thomas Addison Rae😂 I'm only here because of that hella attractive guy 😭😭
sochyvonn nora
sochyvonn nora Giờ trước
Hes all that...smh
Angel Reynoso
Angel Reynoso Giờ trước
All love but there probably gonna break up again
Olivia Xanders
Olivia Xanders Giờ trước
I told you Braddison's ship was gonna sail
Max C.
Max C. Giờ trước
Idk anything about either of these people but that guy is the fucking worst he makes me want to jump off a building
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Giờ trước
Addison: the question everyone has been wondering Bryce: what's ur shoe size? LMAO theyre so cute lol
Amaya Kud
Amaya Kud Giờ trước
I clicked on this video to wonder why this trash is on trending #1 people are actually sad aren’t they
Jhon G
Jhon G Giờ trước
friends watching this is really great:
romina sauer
romina sauer Giờ trước
me morí de la ternurs
romina sauer
romina sauer Giờ trước
@Regdu Geht To you who asked your opinion? I think the pathetic person who wrote this behind a screen is you. greetings
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Giờ trước
Nobody cares about these two piles of VIshow garbage. They are both disgusting 🤢🤢💩💩. People need to get lives, this trending? 🤣 pathetic youtube losers
Mr. No
Mr. No 2 giờ trước
American trendings are wierd lol...
spongebob swag pants
spongebob swag pants 2 giờ trước
These guys are legit just doing a q &a while at the gym lol
Charlee Sherman
Charlee Sherman 2 giờ trước
Get a room 😟no but on a serious not you guys are so cute and I want to meet you so bad so if you could read my message it would make me sooo f*cking happy ❤️
Sir llen
Sir llen 2 giờ trước
I love seeing yall together and happy 🥺
Elio Karam
Elio Karam 2 giờ trước
khadejah adel
khadejah adel 2 giờ trước
Awwwwww that is the cutest love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🔥
Tanisha Shinde
Tanisha Shinde 2 giờ trước
Wait they aren't actually kissing in the thumbnail if you see closely you'll understand
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