anthony2816 Ngày trước
Have you guys ever thought of pitching your idea for a car show to the BBC? You could call it "Top Gear".
Charlie B
Charlie B Ngày trước
You clowns do know a car is faster with windows up? More aerodynamic
Charlie B
Charlie B Ngày trước
Lol, my bone stock 2015 Subaru STI is just as fast as Ed driving that Lambo...why have windows down fool?
Daniel Baird
Daniel Baird Ngày trước
The Honda looks massive compared to the lambo. I literally thought it was an SUV or Crossover from the thumbnail.
roddas26 Ngày trước
I find this cringe to watch,how you guys seem to enjoy destroying parts on supercars that cost more than most people's actual car. Sorry I don't get it.
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Ngày trước
I’m sold! This is the successor to Top Gear!!!
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz Ngày trước
Overpriced turds
zyxelenator Ngày trước
Freddy looks like a hamster when he wears a helmet :) lol. But otherwise love those videos. You guys should do more crossovers together!!!
MarlenTheGamer Ngày trước
Did he say murci-eligo
Kenny duarte
Kenny duarte Ngày trước
These cars are cool but I’d much rather have the R32 GT-R lurking in the background at 2:46
Kane Arlow
Kane Arlow Ngày trước
Loving this series, definitely helping with the whole “Staying at home” situation.
Forest Star
Forest Star Ngày trước
Looks like HPLogic Dyno!
Cotton Inc
Cotton Inc Ngày trước
U guys should be the next top gear
Vague Forest
Vague Forest Ngày trước
Learn how to say the name of your car before you buy it kids😀 lol he murdered murcielago😂
Cody Cassel
Cody Cassel Ngày trước
Is this the mclaren from the vid on a highway in the rain where the guy lost control and hit the guardrail ahead on
Andrew Castro
Andrew Castro Ngày trước
Love the production of this series. Super high quality content
LMacNeill Ngày trước
So how come Freddy gets to have all these episodes on his channel? Why didn't y'all split 'em up and each have a couple of videos on your channels?
John Carlson
John Carlson Ngày trước
I actually really like the blue bumper.
Prescott S.
Prescott S. Ngày trước
McLarens period are money pits
Lobby DaLobster
Lobby DaLobster Ngày trước
Datsun 510 (1600) in the exotic workshop at 20:25!
Earl Vickers
Earl Vickers Ngày trước
Bat mobile
L00klikea x
L00klikea x Ngày trước
Clakrson sure lost some weight, May seems a lot more dynamic, and Hammond somehow got bigger and has a diffrent Teint. Crazy
YT_IDK Ngày trước
I have been to that drag strip before
anyelis peña
anyelis peña Ngày trước
Guys I love this show I feel like I m watching top Gear my favorite show ever please keep making more shows like this thanks
David Reeves
David Reeves Ngày trước
"On this episode of Pimp My Ride 2020"
Terry Scott
Terry Scott Ngày trước
Why is it that when I see Freddy’s face, I think IPhone XR.
MrNickyDalenz Ngày trước
Seriously does no one know the name of the song @ 7:44?
C- Ngày trước
nice a 2015 aston martin V12 is slower than a 2014 M4........ M4 = 75k ... aston martin = 200+?
Darian Ortiz
Darian Ortiz Ngày trước
What type of walkie-talkie do you guys use on the Journey ?
Scott Graham
Scott Graham Ngày trước
This should give everyone new respect for Chris Harris and his casual talking-while-drifting skills
Faust Tsui
Faust Tsui Ngày trước
this is just Top Gear except made by the Americans and without the explosions
Xd weeman
Xd weeman Ngày trước
I had my dream car a 3000gt 5 times in a row but I had to keep selling it and it was the same one I owned
norm paul
norm paul Ngày trước
that wing stock ? my had smaller wing that moved ?
Peyton Brimmer
Peyton Brimmer Ngày trước
I dont understand how people are car guys for so long and can’t work on them at all.
Derek Camp
Derek Camp Ngày trước
I'm not sure if that mask you're wearing makes me respect you less or makes me realize how little I respect myself.
Stan9106 Ngày trước
Did anyone else visualize the Car Wizard looking at yachts as Hoovie's clutch burns?
PJH 1971
PJH 1971 Ngày trước
AND Jared should TOTALLY be "the mechanic" on the show...COME ON>>>>DOOOOOO IT.....:)
PJH 1971
PJH 1971 Ngày trước
You ALL need to keep doing this!! It's awesome.....you have a defnite rapport together...that OLD top gear used to have....
Charlie D
Charlie D Ngày trước
This show should be called 𝕮𝖑𝖚𝖙𝖈𝖍
Elias Papadimas
Elias Papadimas Ngày trước
Ed's car salesmanship really came out to shine
Ryan Russell
Ryan Russell Ngày trước
this was hard to watch
Arran Stewart
Arran Stewart Ngày trước
These guys are the new Clarkson, Hammond and May
Awesum-O 4000
Awesum-O 4000 Ngày trước
There is only one Top Gear and it ended when Clarkson, May and Hammond left. Stop trying to copy it so hard. It's frankly quite cringe worthy. Your channels are great by themselves but this is just sad.
luca god wars
luca god wars Ngày trước
that transmission is gone
Evo_Winters Ngày trước
28:04 Bruce Almighty is that you?
Oxide333500 Ngày trước
What a shit job! Worst than Leepu!
Stefon Wunder
Stefon Wunder Ngày trước
19:03 has to be the most gorgeous yet seductive helmet wearing I have ever seen.
Jethro Ingka
Jethro Ingka Ngày trước
3 VIshowrs just MADE (TopGear-alike) AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
mark KAO
mark KAO Ngày trước
What Top Gear America could have been if they only had talent
Brittney Starling
Brittney Starling Ngày trước
I wonder where the girl whose car this was is
Nameless Ngày trước
You're not funny
Kyu1LL Ngày trước
Lol staging lights don’t matter for quarter mile times? Clearly you haven’t been around drag racers.
st1300 Ngày trước
No highways??? I was looking to see some exotic off roading! Sooo...what's a "highway" in the USA??
Jeremiah Story
Jeremiah Story Ngày trước
It's funny how you never see cars like my favorite: 1996 Nissan Hardbody pick up 😂 Had it for 2 years. Po-pos took it from me when I was living in Orlando. Lowered, loud, and full of 90's mods lol! Still miss it.
Pnw Oeno
Pnw Oeno Ngày trước
Best Ad I’ve ever seen 😂
Drey White
Drey White Ngày trước
Pretty good quality stuff but you need to work on the sound, couldn't hear anything @25:40
Matthew Castro
Matthew Castro Ngày trước
The Ferrari’s second run was WAY faster than a 13 whatever. That was a 12 second pass all day long. There’s a reason they didn’t show the time.
Chaim B.
Chaim B. Ngày trước
Since Top Gear left our lives, and who knows what is happening with Amazon, THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED!!!! I'm lucky at least that I know you guys, and watched you guys for years. LOL Doug De Muro
st1300 Ngày trước
When Top Gear got cancelled after Clarkson slugged a Director or some such drama, the American takeoff that followed was absolutely dreadful. These three seem to be following the same plot...but...it actually works. No one will ever successfully follow the original Brit Top Gear and hopefully no American trio tries to copy them as has been tried. But these guys are different enough that this actually is entertaining to watch. Looking forward to more of the same boyz.
Jp October
Jp October Ngày trước
Lol Ed shoes are ridiculous. Great video though guys.
Maurice Patterson
Maurice Patterson Ngày trước
I’ll take the Aston Martin. Thanks 😊
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Ngày trước
Driveability is absolutely the hardest thing to tune on a car. Any idiot can aim for an A/F ratio at WOT, but making the thing perfectly driveable at partial throttle is a real feat.
nitrors4pr Ngày trước
Paid for by Chevy.....
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den Ngày trước
Longest commercial for the C8 I've ever seen.
Soumyak Das
Soumyak Das Ngày trước
You should keep the time of shifting gears in your mind after 2-3 runs as you know it's red lining so quickly. Those last pops aren't ideal for a drag race... You should shift at the sweet spot.
Slav Guns
Slav Guns Ngày trước
Good video, good entertainment, but you guys are trying too hard to be Top Gear... and btw, the Audio sucks ass.
Sailing Straight
Sailing Straight Ngày trước
This is awesome.
Ether87 Bmw
Ether87 Bmw Ngày trước
Obviously nearly every event /‘mishap’ on this new show of theirs is plotted just like a modern reality tv show. You really think three guys with this kind of experience would allow this kind of foolery lol it’s all as planned
Cooper Lewis
Cooper Lewis Ngày trước
The American top gear we’ve all been waiting for 👍
Thatonemexiican Ngày trước
I cant take y’all serious
Tyler Nichols
Tyler Nichols Ngày trước
So.... Is this a TopGear type show?
Vida Bajasur
Vida Bajasur Ngày trước
As of now, I would rather have a C8 than the Ferrari 360, without a doubt. Cause it's quicker and nicer from any angle
Ikuraga Ngày trước
Coronavirus on that pump!
Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes Ngày trước
Good stuff boys! Great content.
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Ngày trước
Knock = detonation, knock != pre-ignition. I know you didn't say "preignition," you said "pre-detonation" but I think it's worth pointing out. Detonation/knock is fairly common and not all that destructive, whereas pre-ignition will break the shit out of engine stuff. Pre-ignition is when the ignition occurs before TDC, whereas detonation is just any uncontrolled burning of the air/fuel mixture after the spark plug has fired.
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin Ngày trước
To be clear, excessive knock is not a good thing and can damage an engine, but pre-ignition in high horsepower cars tends to be catastrophic.
Importeck Ngày trước
Who do you think matches to who?? Jeremy = Richard = James =
joshua avila
joshua avila Ngày trước
Tbh they still arnt better then the c8 ... c8 is new and lower mileage and wont brake aka the lambo and Ferrari XD I'd buy a v8 for the 70k its worth
Miuzik 8OP
Miuzik 8OP Ngày trước
Sorry man. Not impressed with autotempist... No 89 z24 within 1000 miles. None. Then went to autotrader and found one 5 miles away from my house. ???
Vash Darknessz
Vash Darknessz Ngày trước
loved this sooo much!!!!!
Matt Edlund
Matt Edlund Ngày trước
did they stretch the frame on that feiro and put a V12 in the back? If so that is a damn hot car.
Erick Saenz
Erick Saenz Ngày trước
Never seen this before ,,, looks like a cheap version of top gear (the new one) or a crappier one of the grand tour .
david hammell
david hammell Ngày trước
Tavarish should've kept the remote a secret then while riding at night start the LEDs going
ShaneO RadioSho
ShaneO RadioSho Ngày trước
Congrats. You bought 60,000 x3 of garbage.
HQBProductions Ngày trước
Hmmm..the US. Version of The Grand Tour.🧐
TheKbcolson Ngày trước
Treasure. I'd buy it.
Tyler Nichols
Tyler Nichols Ngày trước
Isnt that the VINwiki guy? The guy who flips cars and makes cool car story videos?
Alice Audio Smack
Alice Audio Smack Ngày trước
10:10 Oil on spark plugs is caused by a bad valve cover gasket or bad spark plug O-ring.
james Huitt
james Huitt Ngày trước
Is driveline available for Android?
Pun Skull
Pun Skull Ngày trước
you drive way toooooo fast slow down!!!
frederic rike
frederic rike Ngày trước
Somebody said this was a cheap version of Top Gear; if it's a tuppence worth, it's all good so far. I'm not out of pop corn either , so play on!
JustdoingmeTJ Ngày trước
Im still saying c8
The Real Dewayne
The Real Dewayne Ngày trước
Auto tempest is bs
AutoTempest.com Ngày trước
In what way?
Bob Khan
Bob Khan Ngày trước
28:06 a bit of Jeremy Clarkson escaped there😂😂😂
Element Studios
Element Studios Ngày trước
so much win win in this series !!
AJ Green
AJ Green Ngày trước
So this is basically top gear?
Dante Fortuna
Dante Fortuna Ngày trước
sometimes i feel like supercar/hypercar manufacturers overcharge on things just because they can, over $2,000 for a MIRROR? i can buy an entire miata for that much money.
Chillabytes Ngày trước
Will Doug be the Stig in this fantastic new series? Some say....
DEREK B Ngày trước
If Top Gear had not existed this would be good, but this is like a direct copy of almost everything. But not as good.
upshiift Ngày trước
You know your Ferrari isn't in good shape and slow when it's only 0.1 seconds faster than what I pull off in my V6 Mustang (and yes I know, 13.8 isn't fast).
Eduardo García
Eduardo García Ngày trước
If he didn't pick up his daughter in I'd be pissed