BTS ARMY Giờ trước
Roshni Das
Roshni Das Giờ trước
I am really sorry if have done anything wrong with u or hurt u Ok but please don't ignore me
Inreb Giờ trước
I can't get enough of this ♡♡♡
BTS ARMY Giờ trước
Ana Giờ trước
I love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
ً nikiluv
ً nikiluv Giờ trước
Popy Ashela
Popy Ashela Giờ trước
vishow.info/watch/_z7NHf_mmpU/video.html Fake love-violin girl-karolina
Eman OT7
Eman OT7 Giờ trước
I'm the one I should love
Zsana Twice
Zsana Twice Giờ trước
BTS tek şarkılaıyla 128 ödül kırmış bir grup
BTS ARMY Giờ trước
Life goes on
Cielo Yepez
Cielo Yepez Giờ trước
Los amoooooooo súper hermoso
اصلا ماكان احد داري عن أونياتك لولا بتس
اصلا ماكان احد داري عن أونياتك لولا بتس Giờ trước
عاااااا وصلت 22 لايك
Kim_ Angie0925
Kim_ Angie0925 Giờ trước
44.486 015
Shesh Giờ trước
Hello I decided I'll go later
upilnya jay
upilnya jay Giờ trước
buat kalian yg lagi UAS jgn lupa buat belajar yhw dan jika ada waktu aku minta tolong buat bantu ngest4am8ng(emot lop merah)
Isha Goswami
Isha Goswami Giờ trước
Sunghoon’s beautiful and unique voice breathes life into my soul
Asyiraf 07
Asyiraf 07 Giờ trước
vote Gfriend for SMA2021 on Idol Champ apps but dont use all your ruby save some for upcoming SMA girl group award category
BTS ARMY Giờ trước
Joy Giờ trước
Our once again, a billboard #1 hit...IMMA CRY SO FUCKIN HARD!
اول فان لسنان شوقا
اول فان لسنان شوقا Giờ trước
__bangtania __
__bangtania __ Giờ trước
Iam back guys Did y all miss me
•ƘƖM2 Giờ trước
Hello wb
BTS : Army
BTS : Army Giờ trước
Love BTS
syafirnani shandy
syafirnani shandy Giờ trước
Yutub kenapa sihhh
Sara Timoteo
Sara Timoteo Giờ trước
São muito bebes mesmo
이요징 Giờ trước
운명의 와사비 속에서?(가사 나만 이해 못함?)
Filiz Fadile
Filiz Fadile Giờ trước
Sınavdan önce bir doz alayım dedim
plz judge by the talent, real self producing idol
plz judge by the talent, real self producing idol Giờ trước
Okey base 1, base 2
melo Giờ trước
Bts yolu açtı, NOKTA
Namjin ship
Namjin ship Giờ trước
800M yahhh
Zsana Twice
Zsana Twice Giờ trước
BE albümünün tüm şarkıları BB HOT100'de
•LoVe YoUrSeLf• Aze.J.N
•LoVe YoUrSeLf• Aze.J.N Giờ trước
Hala dinleyenler ??? Arebaijan & Turkish ARMY %
Jungkook'un Army dövmesindeki R'
Jungkook'un Army dövmesindeki R' Giờ trước
aespa my
aespa my Giờ trước
seozun han
seozun han Giờ trước
Remember how happy everything was when this was released
pk xd geovanna Firmino
pk xd geovanna Firmino Giờ trước
que música linda
Sawma Gamer
Sawma Gamer Giờ trước
Rabbit turtle
Rabbit turtle Giờ trước
Shut up haters Grammy-nominated bts is singing!!!
Like 3 months..i listen it everyday... Because it gives us energy when i wake up in the morning.
Elta Wati
Elta Wati Giờ trước
Hai buddy
Martha Dexter
Martha Dexter Giờ trước
This was the first BTS mv I ever saw, I discovered them through VIshow rewind and I knew absolutely nothing about them, they were just seven boys singing through my phone screen. I had no idea what they were saying but something about them felt warm and safe..... One year later and I'm staring at my bedroom wall: it's covered with their faces and their words <3 I have been teaching myself Korean for 11 months, and in just under a year I'm planning to move over to South Korea to live and work. They are the reason that I want to make this life decision. BTS have truly changed my life for the better: they are beautiful people inside out, who have introduced me to both a beautiful country, and to the practice of self-love. Thank you so much boys, my life is indebted to you.
scintilla 1997
scintilla 1997 Giờ trước
How to choose a bais? Just how?? They all are amazing I've never fell in love with any group( like a debut group) so fast like enhypen.
Sara Timoteo
Sara Timoteo Giờ trước
Caralho tiu que top🇧🇷
No Grammy nomination No opinion
No Grammy nomination No opinion Giờ trước
imagine me and Namjoon trying to find his passport
Taehyung's Elizabeth
Taehyung's Elizabeth Giờ trước
Hey I'm back!!!!!!
najmi nabilah
najmi nabilah Giờ trước
coba tebak jungwon pacar siapa? yh btul pacar gweh /emot ketawa
Kookie Jeon
Kookie Jeon Giờ trước
800M YAY!!
ehsan ghani
ehsan ghani Giờ trước
why they are like girls?
Ais Isna
Ais Isna Giờ trước
Kok bisa ya komenan orang lain yang nge like banyak..
اوه سي هون
اوه سي هون Giờ trước
ليش باقي البنات مو هون😭😭💔
ARMY SAD _اندوميه
ARMY SAD _اندوميه Giờ trước
مدري 😭💕
boy Army
boy Army Giờ trước
164,666,025 / 11,698,535
Sn Nadira
Sn Nadira Giờ trước
I got a goosebumps everytime
AZ 2014
AZ 2014 Giờ trước
We will support you Enhypen
Hi There!
Hi There! Giờ trước
Go Go Go Dynamite & LGO ♡
Rayele Jesuita
Rayele Jesuita Giờ trước
No more dream meta 200m
CrázY For mYselF
CrázY For mYselF Giờ trước
ARMYs! 800M done Let's go for 1B
beautiful ohu
beautiful ohu Giờ trước
74,522,802-->74,600,000 Go Go~ 김석진 생일 축하행😍🎂🎊
*king stars*
*king stars* Giờ trước
Smile blies
Just be Yourself
Just be Yourself Giờ trước
Iconic bside! Honestly TXT and hip hop it's such a good mix. I look forward to the day when we get rapper txt as a title track.
•LoVe YoUrSeLf• Aze.J.N
•LoVe YoUrSeLf• Aze.J.N Giờ trước
Birisi seni üzerse , ona benim kızın olduğunu söyle ~ Jung Haseok ~ Arebaijan & Turkish ARMY %
Jungkook'un Army dövmesindeki R'
Jungkook'un Army dövmesindeki R' Giờ trước
Savitha Braggs
Savitha Braggs Giờ trước
Gosh! I'm tired of liking the comments. Btw BTS rocks💜💜
Jinjing Deni
Jinjing Deni Giờ trước
is this the official views guys?
Putri Aqila
Putri Aqila Giờ trước
Request cara jadi pacarnya mas pangeran es dong engene :'')
Ölüm Var!!
Ölüm Var!! Giờ trước
Sen hiç görmedin bizi Erirken avuçlarında unutuyrm
ً nikiluv
ً nikiluv Giờ trước
Nur Aisyah7978
Nur Aisyah7978 Giờ trước
Kuyyy streaming terusss
Yeonbin Giờ trước
10 10
10 10 Giờ trước
울 엔하이픈 FNS 너무 잘했다ㅠㅠ
Mahek Nadaf
Mahek Nadaf Giờ trước
Let's make dynamite 1B.. For jin and v birthday.. Come on army
lee hana
lee hana Giờ trước
Fighting don't forget to vote
Mijgona Nabotova
Mijgona Nabotova Giờ trước
RJ쿨쿨이 Giờ trước
For Jin Bias: MMA2019 JIN FOCUS You can see the gorgeous dancing king Jin clearly. Especially MMA2019_Dionysos_Jin Focus is the best of the best vishow.info/watch/QiAtXS7A_Ms/video.html Epiphany (Jin's Solo) This beautiful healing song will comfort your soul. vishow.info/watch/fIkZOLsnoqY/video.html
BTS : Army
BTS : Army Giờ trước
نحن الارمي العربي نحبكم لاتنسونا ارمي للابد 우리 아랍인 사랑해 우리를 잊지마 내 군대 영원히
Asyiraf 07
Asyiraf 07 Giờ trước
25 156 966
Yoonmin get married already
Yoonmin get married already Giờ trước
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Giờ trước
__bangtania __
__bangtania __ Giờ trước
Yeonbin Giờ trước
My boyss
اميرة بشخصيتي
اميرة بشخصيتي Giờ trước
언젠가 당신이 우리 나라에서 사라지기를 바랍니다.
I saw the bag
I saw the bag Giờ trước
I really love Sunghoon's voice, and yes I like other members voice too. But Sunghoon's voice seems kinda unique and Jungwon's too.
that one kid
that one kid Giờ trước
Came here because I remembered J-Hope and Yeontan!!🥰🥰🥰
Yeonbin Giờ trước
They deserve the world
joyce mendes
joyce mendes Giờ trước
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Bts thank you for everything you are really precious to me.....THANKS FOR EVERYTHING I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE.....LOVE YOU I purple you...💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
bangtiny world domination
bangtiny world domination Giờ trước
I am sorry. You all got angry I am going